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Cross Creative Ignites Creativity at Camp Hill Elementary’s STEAM Day

At Cross Creative, we believe in fostering creativity from an early age, and what better way to do it than through a hands-on demonstration of art and technology? We were thrilled to be part of the Camp Hill Elementary School’s STEAM Day on Friday, October 20,2023, where Ashley Murphy and Chris Ross of Cross Creative brought a fusion of imagination and technology to the students.

Art, Technology, and Imagination Unleashed

Our demonstration was a dynamic showcase of the intersection between art and technology. We had a plethora of materials and cutting-edge tech gadgets to captivate the young minds and showcase the endless possibilities when creativity meets innovation.

Student rendering his logo on Cross Creative's drawing tablet.

Designing Logos for Fictitious Companies

The highlight of our engagement was an interactive activity designed to engage the students’ creative instincts. Each child was given the opportunity to design a logo for one of three fictitious companies, each with its unique name and a brief summary of their services.

The enthusiasm in the room was palpable as the students delved into the world of design, interpreting the needs of their assigned companies and translating those insights into visually compelling logos.

Submitting Artwork and the Contest Thrill

To make it even more exciting, we set up a submission process through a QR code and an online form. The students submitted their artwork digitally, creating a seamless and modern experience. The added bonus? Every submission automatically entered the talented artists into a contest to win a free Cross Creative T-shirt.

Choosing a Winner. No Easy Task

Reviewing the submissions was a delightful challenge. The creativity and thoughtfulness poured into each design were truly commendable. Choosing a winner proved to be no easy task, as each entry showcased unique perspectives and inventive designs.

Looking to the Future

Our day at Camp Hill Elementary was an absolute joy, and we’re hopeful that the students had as much fun as we did. The level of creativity and talent we witnessed from these young minds left us genuinely impressed. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for an invitation back next year to continue nurturing the artistic spirits of the next generation.

Stay Inspired with Cross Creative

At Cross Creative, we’re not just about designs; we’re about inspiring creativity. Our participation in events like Camp Hill Elementary’s STEAM Day reflects our commitment to fostering innovation and imagination. We look forward to more opportunities to ignite creativity and make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Keep an eye on our updates, and who knows, we might be bringing our art and tech fusion to your neighborhood next!

Camp Hill student working on his Cross Creative logo
Talking shop with the big man at STEAM Day
Cross Creative made a special logo just for STEAM Day