The J. Craig Venter Institute in La Jolla California


Pioneering Genomics to Positively Impact Life

The J. Craig Venter Institute building in La Jolla California is a great example of their personality and culture. It is a symbol that represents the science, vision, and overall mission of the company. The marketing team was challenged to develop a visual style that mirrored those same ideas that informed it’s design. The following is the result of that effort.

During the branding exercise we decided to move away from the full name and use the acronym, JCVI, as the focal point for a new logo. There are plenty of examples where the acronym is used in the company’s lexicon and within the industry—this arrangement makes it official. The move communicates the institutes’s confidence in itself and highlights the importance of it’s research. It honors the company’s history while boldly stating that it’s greater than the sum of it’s parts. 

Challenging status quo. JCVI is where bold innovations start and diverse scientists have the freedom to try new things without fear. When I think of the word fearless, I envision imagery that evokes the feeling of excitement and curiosity. Abstract images that aren’t exactly what they seem, entice the viewer to take a closer look and pushes the viewer to expand their mindset and creativity.

Jessica McAvinue, Marketing & Development Manager at JCVI

At JCVI, Scientists are encouraged to think in unconventional ways. JCVI pulls that off while still walking the line of scientific integrity and quality. For me that’s the most interesting part about what JCVI is, this safe haven for aspiring scientific minds to come and do the impossible.

Brett Shipe, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at JCVI