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Building a Strong Brand for Genetic Athletics

Cross Creative designed a bold logo using a double helix.

We partnered with Genetic Athletics, a personal training company transforming lives through unique, genetically-tailored training plans. Our mission was to craft a brand identity that reflected their personalized approach and empowered individuals seeking dramatic physical transformations.

Brochure Design by Cross Creative
Brochure interior by Cross Creative

Key Strategies

  • Logo Design: A bold, double-helix “G” logo symbolizes the fusion of genetics and personalized training. This dynamic mark conveys innovation and a unique approach to fitness.
  • Modern and Bold Aesthetic: We created a visually impactful brand experience through bold graphics, vibrant colors, and dynamic imagery. This design language embodies energy, progress, and achieving peak performance.
  • Rallying Cry: We infused the brand with a motivational voice, inspiring individuals to break barriers and unlock their full potential.
Kiosk Advertising for Genetic Athletics
Kiosk Advertising for Genetic Athletics
Kiosk Advertising for Genetic Athletics

Impactful Deliverables

  • Logo & Brand Guidelines: A strong foundation for consistent brand application across all touchpoints.
  • Graphic Design Materials: Flyers, social media content, on-site graphics, and advertising that engage and attract target audiences.
  • Cohesive Brand Experience: A unified message across all platforms, driving awareness and engagement.


Genetic Athletics now boasts a modern, bold brand that effectively communicates their innovative approach to personalized training. This impactful identity empowers individuals to unleash their potential and achieve their fitness goals, driving business growth and success.

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