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Rebranding the J. Craig Venter Institute: Foundation of Innovation

The original JCVI logo had a lot of brand equity. We wanted to carry that over into the new logo.
There are plenty of examples where the acronym JCVI is used in the company’s lexicon and within the industry—this arrangement makes it official.

The J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey, aiming to capture its spirit of innovation and solidify its position as a global leader in genomic and bioinformatics research. This transformation centered around the concept of the “Foundation of Innovation,” embodied by the institute’s own building—a seamless blend of scientific vision, purpose, and technology.

  1. Key Elements of the Rebrand
  • Logo Refresh: A modernized logo reflecting the institute’s forward-thinking approach.
  • Complete Graphics Package Overhaul: Consistent visual language across all mediums, reinforcing the brand identity.
  • Website Redesign: A modern website showcasing JCVI’s research and its potential impact, featuring:
  • Latest website trends: User-friendly and visually appealing design aligned with contemporary expectations.
  • Compelling photography: Images that humanize the science and illustrate its real-world implications.
  • Sophistication and relatability: Striking a balance between scientific accuracy and emotional connection.
  • Updated color palette: Vibrant yet refined colors reflecting optimism and progress.
  • Carefully curated content: Highlighting JCVI’s leading-edge research and its potential to benefit all forms of life.

You can view the JCVI website here

Overall Goals

  • Elicit an emotional response: Captivate the audience and build a deeper connection with the institute’s mission. This is an effort to help encourage donors to contribute to JCVI projects.
  • Establish JCVI as a world leader: Reinforce their position at the forefront of genomic and bioinformatics research.
  • Showcase the human impact: Underscore the tangible benefits of their scientific advancements.
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The rebrand successfully translated the essence of JCVI’s innovative spirit into a cohesive brand identity. By combining modern design trends with impactful visuals and thoughtful messaging, the institute effectively communicated its purpose and resonated with a wider audience. This strategic transformation positioned JCVI for continued success as a leader in its field, inspiring and engaging stakeholders through its unwavering commitment to groundbreaking research.

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