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Wild Waters, Wild Rebrand: The Adventure Company Makes a Splash

The Adventure Company, a beloved white water rafting company in Colorado, came to us looking for a refresh. Their existing brand felt tired and didn’t capture the fun and playful spirit of their company culture. They needed a new logo, website, and supporting materials that would attract customers and reflect their unique selling proposition.

Cross Creative developed a unique logo to the Adventure Company

We started by conducting in-depth interviews with the Adventure Company team and their customers. We wanted to understand what made them special and what they hoped to achieve with the rebrand. We also researched the competitive landscape of Colorado white water rafting companies.

From our research, we learned that the Adventure Company was known for its friendly and experienced guides, its commitment to safety, and its focus on creating unforgettable experiences for its customers. We also learned that they had a strong sense of community and loved to have fun.

Based on our findings, we developed a new brand strategy that emphasized the Adventure Company’s fun and playful personality. We also wanted to create a brand that felt authentic and unique to Colorado.

The Adventure Company wanted to incorporate their tagline "Serious Fun Since 1987" into their brand graphics
The Adventure Company incorporated their acronym "TAC" into their brand graphics
The Adventure Company wanted a crest for their brand graphics
The "Drop" is the keystone element for the Adventure Company brand graphics

The Logo Redesign

The new logo is an evolution of the original logo. It keeps the water drop from the original logo, but it has a more playful and modern feel. The type treatment is bold and quirky, and it reflects the company’s fun-loving personality.

The Website Redesign

The new website is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It features large, high-quality photos and videos that showcase the beauty of Colorado’s rivers and the excitement of white water rafting. The website also has a strong focus on storytelling, with pages that share the stories of the Adventure Company’s guides and customers.

Supporting Materials

We also developed a new line of apparel and brochures for the Adventure Company. The apparel features the new logo and fun, adventure-themed graphics. The brochures are designed to be informative and engaging, and they provide potential customers with everything they need to know about booking a trip with the Adventure Company.

Cross Creative helped the Adventure Company with their drip… we mean apparel.
Cross Creative helped boost the user experience on the Adventure Company website

The Results

The Adventure Company’s rebrand has been a success. The new logo, website, and supporting materials have helped the company to attract new customers and to position itself as the premier white water rafting company in Colorado. The company has also seen an increase in employee morale and brand loyalty.

We are proud of the work we did on the Adventure Company rebrand. We believe that we have created a brand that is fun, playful, and authentic to the company’s values. We hope that the new brand will help the Adventure Company to continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.

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